How to Make Money as a Music Artist

To be honest, getting your first customers can be challenging. Now, if you can’t come up with an interesting way to keep people engaged and coming back, don’t use this strategy. You might not be paid much for the work, but it’s a chance to practice and display your singing ability. • The infographic above was updated on 10 April 2019, correcting errors in the earlier version. As you begin to prepare your next release, whether it’s a single, EP or full album, you might be asking yourself: This artist uses SoundCloud to share his music, as well as to promote his drumkits and remixes that he offers for sale on his Sellfy store:

Working as a studio musician can be very rewarding and can lead to more and more gigs as you get started. Most active options, let’s say you are a conservative investor with a sizable stock portfolio and want to earn premium income before companies commence reporting their quarterly earnings in a couple of months. Websites like Olx and Quicker provide easy opportunities to clean out your closet. Ask for it every time, even if you know it’s not offered. Make a “to-do-list” and set precisely when you are going to accomplish a specific job. Number 4 is a good idea if you have a relevant service to offer and you have the time to deliver. Creative control is at the heart of the relationship of independent artists with their recording companies. This is the course for you, I Want to show you how to make money with music, There has never been a better time to be an independent musician than right now.

People love hearing live music and musicians love playing it, so it’s a perfect match for the creator and the consumer.

Industry Overview

The temptation for many artists is to set up an iTunes pre-order for their album. It’s a great way to get exposure for your music. In most email programs, you can mark these interests automatically by segmenting your list into “groups”. Day trading: smart or stupid?, the EURUSD is the most popular day trading pair. In 2019, the popular Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify was launched to combat dropping music revenues and slowing album sales, due to increasing music piracy over the Internet, which annually costs more than 71,000 American music industry jobs, $2. If someone is making shit loads of money with my music, that’s good news!


Here are some of the most popular ones: Searching the "gigs" section of online classifieds. But the real point is to show you that in the beginning, if you focus on 1,000, and you really serve that audience, your fans will multiply naturally well beyond that.

You may not be a famous songwriter or celebrity musician overnight but you can get paid if you steadily employ some of the methods in this article.

Every venue has a PRS licence (well they should!) Your music can be distributed to popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play Music and other digital stores. I’ve asked musicians from varying backgrounds and at various stages of their careers to share their experience with these services…. TIDAL provides the highest compensation to artists, everyone is paid equally! There are producers out there that make a massive amount of money every month from selling beats. The 21 companies that control bitcoin, “I didn’t take the offer,” Carlson assures me. Often called a “tie up”.

Don’t Forget Your Website!

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Just treat it like any other show. Whether it be graphic design, video editing,photography or article writing, using your other creative talents will not only make you a well-rounded artist, but also a smart and strategical creative entrepreneur.

The catch, of course, is that most of these sites are primarily a resource for writers. Don’t forget to use your social networks and create Facebook ad campaigns in order to reach more fans. Thinking that I needed to invest more in studio equipment so I can make better beats. Instead, treat these gigs as extra cash that you can make on the side. It is no secret anymore that the internet has turned into a valuable instrument for an artist and independent labels to promote and market themselves. Something like offering a special price for those fans who have been with you from the start.

It’s been tough.


The program isn’t anything new per se, but so far it had been available as an invite-only beta. ManyChat is an app that allows you to send auto-messages through Facebook Messenger. So, what is Patreon, you ask? Deposits are accepted up to $2,000, and priority phone support is included. Both indie bands and signed labels can sell their own merchandise fairly cheaply. For more info on how to do this, check out:

For information products in particular, you should check out the site Clickbank.


Interestingly, you have your say on pricing. In the case of Counting Crows’ “Big Yellow Taxi,” for example, the band takes sound recording royalties but Joni Mitchell, the song’s original writer, gets composition royalties. How would an extra $12,000/year change your life? It’s still totally valid for artists who are just starting out in their music careers to say, “Well if there are free platforms available, why not just focus on those and share those links to fans, bloggers, and others I’m pitching my tunes to? To collect these royalties, get with a publishing company.

I work with Musika Lessons, a company that connects teachers with students in their area. Instead, I will pull back the curtains behind my business. If you want to distribute a single release on Spotify to match the release date of your instant gratification tracks, you’ll need to create a specific single for Spotify. Business opportunity scams, the applicant doesn’t have it (no one does) because it’s only made by the company, who then sells it for thousands of dollars – yes, really. Just like any endeavor, it takes proper planning, family and friends, timing and a little bit of luck to be successful. Figure out which format works best for your niche: So you’re an artist or are in a band. And get paid, even when you’re asleep.

Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies is a non-profit that represents US based featured recording artists and sound recording copyright owners globally. Instead, make your music available to everyone and then you can focus on creating value. It requires working with somebody that has relationships with brands (across all sectors of the economy), advertising agencies (who represent the brands), personal managers and agents of celebrities, and film and tv. And along the way, stay motivated and patient enough to ultimately generate your first $1,000 or $10,000?

Online Courses

Free downloads will drive demand for an artist's music, which will drive demand to see the performer live in concert. The downside is that the company tends to make "the artists into copies of previous successes, [for artistic development to occur] they [Grammy] must let the artist develop their own style. "In the new music industry, musicians with talent will return to the spotlight as artists "take it to the virtual streets".

At those rates, you may only want to record one or just a few of your strongest most popular songs. Think of it as establishing more trust with your audience. Not a bad investment when you consider that some companies pay as much as $10,000 per month to advertise on some larger websites.

YouTube has become the number one place for selling beats online. This doesn’t mean that this is the only type of gig you should pursue though. I have everything on my working schedule, can check upcoming tunes on different stocks and track trending items on market. This produced a resurgence of unsigned artists recording music that people actually liked to hear instead of what record labels believed they would like to hear. The company was founded in 2019 and has offices in both Los Angeles and London; however, everything about their service takes place online.

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You have probably heard songs that start with “Murda On Tha Beat” or “Mike Will Made It. The once in a life time opportunity to be trained by you if they so desire. Take the day off and make your own hours. Their agreement with the record label states that "a number of Artemis' artists will build on-line communities utilizing DotClick's Digital Music Network. "Whether it’s selling t-shirts and records at a show, or selling your shoes on Ebay, merch is a great (and affordable) way to make some pretty sweet dough. If they go on to buy it through your link, you’ll get some of the profits. On the About Page of this platform, it is described as:


One step at a time. Once your feedback is submitted and accepted, you’ll earn points. They began to look back towards the independent, smaller artist for new talent.

Then, once you’ve proven yourself as a performer, you could be asked to come back and sing on one of the busier, more popular evenings. And the Unlimited license the most expensive. Musicians argue that no one can predict exactly what their Web site will look like, especially given the pace of advances in technology. In comparison, Youtube has 1. You may need to order some starter merchandise so that you can take photographs of the items to prove that they’re legit. Go to your profile settings and click ”Edit”. This is important because your fan base has a huge role to play when it comes to promoting your work. My top selling beats, the amount of returning customers and most popular licenses.

Could I make more money if I wrote great lyrics and performed great vocals?

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By recent research estimates, U. As mentioned above, if you consider yourself a musical artist, and you’re interested in sharing your unique talent, message, and flare, then the option to release your music through TuneCore or CD Baby, or a similar service, is the best option for you. 12 ways you can absolutely make money online, if they find out a retailer has dropped their price they file a price adjustment claim for you. No one has felt this effect more than the independent musician. Placements are usually arranged through music supervisors or placement agents. Simply determine how many hours a week you can spend on your business. Here’s 8 of the most overlooked ways to get paid for your music.


Sumpton 2019, p. What are binary options and how do they work? They are talented hard working people, and they can get your music video out there online, closed network, and broadcast. I do not recommend it if you’re just starting to sell beats online.

Obviously, your name or even band name must be unique so this may take a little trial and error. I recommend either BeatStars or Airbit. Selling non-music products like perfumes, paraphernalia and clothing lines is an easy money-making strategy that artists have been taking advantage of for decades — but in the digital era, musicians can also get creative with their methods, expanding well beyond traditional merch tents at concerts and posters on a website. Let me know which monetization method you decide to pursue? You set a goal of how much you’d like to achieve and a deadline. The difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset is perfectly explained in the visual below. 8 fast and easy ways to make money from home, one way companies find out how well their websites are working is by hiring evaluators to give them feedback. You can sell CD-Rs, make sure they are reasonably priced to sell at all your gigs, or online.

Generally, this is referred to as “production music” or library music.

There is no “get-rich-quick” method. Keep an artist fund that you only touch when you have to. The process is as follows:

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If you want a no-frills approach to selling your music than look no further than Bandcamp or newcomer Bandzoogle. BeatStars and Airbit practically offer the same services. Anything to make you get more results and fame, as you build your way to the top. Being a member of all these recommended sites will also provide you with a steady stream of gigs because not all sites have available reviews at all times. If you don’t have a following of your own, they won’t give you a penny. A lot of times, fans actually DO want to support you monetarily, but they don’t know how, OR there isn’t a means to do so. The dream for any artist is to make a living from their music but how do you actually start making money?

Make sure these are encoded on your CD and MP3 tracks. I used the statistics from my distributor (Distrokid) to calculate the average stream earning per platform. Currently, the only option I see that is available at this moment is Getty Music.

In 2019, I was still working a 40-hour job and went to school 2 nights a week. But it’s much less hassle than having to keep track and send out orders. It’s money while you sleep. If you do have some money, check out T-shirt companies like Print Natural or Merchly.

Paper received 4 June 2019; revised 18 July 2019; accepted 20 July 2019.

Future vs Future: How To Make Sure Your Music Doesn’t Get On The Wrong Spotify Artist Profile

They tell you a lot about whether you are actually doing the right thing. 50 legitimate ways to make money from home, thanks to innovative new technologies, the creativity of certain start-ups, and marketers’ eternal desire to better understand consumers, some websites will actually pay you just to use the internet – whether that’s for searching the web, taking surveys, or conducting extensive online research. In the USA, you’ll be rewarded 3 cents per CAPTCHA fill; in Canada and the UK, the payment is 1 cent. While the recently launched program will open new possibilities and making money on SoundCloud in 2019 will be easier than before, it has some significant limitations. Then you write your ebook, film your video, record your audio, create your webinar… whatever you plan to do. This website pays you for not only listening to the radio, but also for completing surveys, viewing videos, and completing online offers.

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