11+ Legit Online Jobs For College Students (Make Up To $20+ Per Hour)

If you don't know where to find these gigs, check out Craigslist for Jobs or Gigs in your area. I thought it was time I address the flip side of your finances: You’ll also have to be able to deal with long hours of sitting around and waiting for something to happen. The beauty of affiliate links is that they can continue to be a source of income as long as people continue to visit your site and have the opportunity click on the links. Unfortunately, if you want to earn an honest living from home, you’re also a common target of scammers, especially in these economically tough times. And let’s be real — anyone who’s taken an 18-credit-hour semester would probably agree that the thought of adding a job on top of a crazy class schedule is pretty daunting. Before deciding which option is best for you, consider your skills and abilities but also your interests – it’s perfectly possible to earn a wage doing something which you enjoy. For many, a side hustle is a one-time thing that helps turn a quick profit.

It’s not impossible to land a job fresh out of school, but you’ll need diligence and persistence, and probably a little luck.

User-friendly App: Get started on AirBNB if you have a great place to list. 35+ best ways to make money online in 2019, there are tons of blogging job boards, including ProBlogger. Make no mistake: You can also trade ETFs and Mutual Funds to increase your investment diversification by reducing market risk without sacrificing your earning potential. Before you get too excited about working your next online job, make sure you are prepared to do the work.

If you don’t have the time to learn about investing, but want to get a head start on building a nest egg so you can retire early, Betterment is a hands-free way to earn regular dividends that can turn a $100 investment into $1 million during your lifetime. But, you have the potential to earn a few extra dollars if you can deliver because you earn tips plus a base hourly wage. Before starting, consider what you’re selling and the fees charged by each site. Simply pick a subject you excel in, set yourself up on Skype or a similar platform, and start charging people for explanations. Another great option to make money while in college is to becoming a rideshare driver.

Sell all your old CDs, games and movies If you are looking to make a very quick buck, then selling your old bits and bobs that are cluttering up your room is a good idea.

Design Online

I started PT Money in 2019 and since then the site has grown considerably, now viewed more than 200,000 times per month. You can post your services, and clients can find them. Your duties as a research assistant will vary depending on the department and the professor you’re working for. — If you’ve got a reliable car and you don’t mind being out late (working), driving for chauffeur apps like Uber or Lyft might be a good fit for you. To learn more, visit OpenBiome.

Then click here Now to start your own online journey and to start your own incredible online business adventure today for Free! A valid, in-state driver’s license. People need things translated, and there aren’t enough full-time employees to do it (especially if the language is obscure or has a small number of speakers). Still, if you're a student that can spare a bit of extra time, there are dozens of jobs you can do anywhere -- whether online or in your surrounding area. UpWork replaced other well-known sites Odesk and Elance. While there is a strong demand for website design, it’s also possible to earn a tidy income by designing eBook covers, t-shirts, business cards, wall art, personalized gifts, and product packaging. You'll usually work nights, but you have the potential to earn great tips if you do a good job.

  • You can even give tips on succeeding at your favorite video game.
  • Here’s how we make money.

Freelance Writer

As long as you have your internet connected device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc) with you, you can earn money with these options from anywhere in the world and any time, even at 3 AM! The stuff you can’t sell online, you could sell from your garage on the weekends. You could give online lessons or do an astrology reading. If you live off campus, you might be able to get a rent reduction in exchange for things like keeping the common and outdoor areas clean or doing small handyman type tasks like fixing a leaking sink or shoveling snow.

Sell clothes on eBay

Once again, Skillshare is a great resource for learning the skills you need to do this gig. For example, some popular channels focus on video games, makeup tutorials, housecleaning, DIY projects, product reviews and dog training. This is particularly good if you live near a tourist attraction. So, if it’s an apartment complex in New York, you will see the exact property. Where to find online Data Entry jobs? It’s a peer-to-peer lending platform. Make money as a transcriptionist or online teacher. People who are having trouble selling their homes these days and could use a second pair of eyes to stage their home for the quick sale.

Sell Used Textbooks

When you finish a class, you not only get a grade but you also acquire the skills you need to teach the subject to another person. In return for sitting in a room doing market research for an hour, most studies will reward you with cash or gift cards. Tailor your profile and samples to a niche in the beginning. If you know how to use social media apps like Snapchat or Instagram, you can make money teaching big companies how to use them to market their products. You could get a job coaching in regional kids’ leagues – soccer, baseball, basketball, whatever.

It's not hard to find clients and if you charge a good rate, you can make a decent amount of money doing this. For this approach to work, you will need a good body of work online so make sure you have an online portfolio of your work for the potential employer to view. All that you have to do is create an account, and then wait for your invites. Alison is an online educational platform that can help you learn how to develop and enhance your digital creative design skills. Percentage per hours:

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Earn extra cash and enjoy some exercise in between your class schedule. Listing items on eBay is of course another option, sign up by going to www. We will warn you: You can earn up to $50 a year. This could be goals like getting out of debt, saving for college or simply having extra money during the holidays for gifts. If you’re good at taking pictures and have a nice camera, you might be able to sell your photo taking services to real estate agents or to people trying to sell their own home. That will enable you to both earn higher income, and have greater control of your time. It’s true, thanks to a company called Turo.

Make sure you offer your references and that you have all their necessary information if Fido gets injured or sick.

Get a Census Job

Sites like HAWO, TeachAway, and VIPKid are great places to get started. Ryan’s side hustle as a freelance writer earned him more than $20,000 while in college. Rover can help you here, too – Become a Pet Sitter If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Remember that many buyers will try to haggle – so set prices a bit higher than your bottom dollar, but not so high that you’ll scare off first bids.

Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn cashback from grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, gas stations, online stores, and more. They’ll hire a company like Usertesting. This is the classic college kid gig, but it’s perfectly legitimate. Check out my review here and find out more here. Still another advantage is that the work runs with the school year, so you’ll be free over summer vacation.

Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange pay cash money on the spot for gently worn clothes, shoes, jackets and handbags. These one-off type items do very well on Craigslist. Redeem your points for gift cards, travel miles and more from over 75 top retail, restaurant and travel partners. Millions by the Minute" and recently began sponsoring several Premier League football clubs. "This opportunity takes some passion and skill for the job.

My local Craigslist.

Work the Dorm Front Desk

A college has a lot of moving parts, and sooner or later some of those parts will break. Companies know content is king. This is where VAs come in. Most of these work-from-home jobs for college students require high-speed internet and a laptop or desktop computer (for several, you’ll only need a smartphone) and for some job positions, you will need a place to work that is free of distractions. Plus, 1% on everything else. Yes, it’s another way to make extra money or to use your own money for other goals since you’re not having to save as much for your kids college. You’re not just offering room and board, but an experience. It might be a good idea to test them out in print first yourself (get free photo prints here).

So you’re in college! 95 per trade which is very affordable. Swagbucks offer online surveys alongside a whole host of other ways to earn money and gift cards such as watching videos, using their search engine, completing daily activities and polls. You smell worse fumes in chemistry class anyway. If you enjoy writing and have a lot to say about a topic you're passionate about, you may regret not starting a blog while in college. You will need a PayPal account to get paid. Here are some great saving money tips that can help, other than filling up on noodles! It might be time to take your talents to the making some extra money.

A similar site is Zilok. But above all those strains lies the overwhelming weight of student loan debt, about $35,051 on average per 2019 grad. Pay is based on the move, but you can set your schedule and get paid regularly. Signing up is fast and easy, you don’t even need a car if you live in an area that doesn’t require one. In fact, this was one of my favorite ways to earn money while in college. If you live just off campus, renting out your apartment on Airbnb can be a great way to earn some extra money while on a break or vacation. Whether you don’t have time for a job while in college or have one but have to go home for the summer, you are going to need a couple of summer money making ideas to rack in the cash.

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A service like Paribus If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Websites, blogs, and businesses are always looking for writers to create content for them, from short blog posts to press releases. One of my wife’s friends felt staying home with her two boys was great, but she missed having an artistic outlet. If you want to learn the skills needed to start your own freelance proofreading hustle or see if this is the right career for you, check out this FREE introductory workshop. Obviously, with some of these options you need experience and technical expertise, but the majority are fast money making options that any student with a phone and internet connection can do. In addition to several rounds of interviews, you’ll have to undergo extensive training in safety, conflict resolution, and university policies.

Ask upperclassmen or college graduates how they made ends meet to get inspired for your next job. Every year, up to $1 billion on gift cards go unredeemed, according to the research firm Tower Group. Acorns is offering a free $5 bonus for opening a new account. Working at a college coffee shop is a great option – you’ll earn money while getting to know fellow students! However, it is still important to have humans review them as well. Instead, think about what you can do – and what you like to do – and how you can turn that into an income source. 11 surprising working from home statistics, there are many leading brands among its customers. They say the best way to learn is to teach.

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You may even find something you’ve never heard of before. Anyway, I am telling you anyone can make money online by starting a blog and you can blog about whatever you want. Then, there’s the ability to transfer points to travel partners. Thomas spent a summer detassling corn, but your own area might have all manner of agricultural jobs related to harvesting crops or clearing fields. You can clean them and take care of the chemicals as needed. In their program, you will learn secrets from industry experts, armed with proprietary tools and data, to land a higher paying job and make more money. Protect your Personal Identity, Data & Info Online by using a proper VPN, Click here to learn more Now! These apps track your behaviors and provide rewards based on healthy activities.

Always getting top grades on your essays? Search engine evaluators are responsible for helping public search engines like Google and Bing fix any errors and run smoothly and efficiently. As a cash-strapped college student, $100 might be all the extra cash you have to start your own business. The average pay is $12 to $13 an hour, and you can look for jobs on any freelancing site. Ok, now upload it to Voices. If you have textbooks, try selling them online via sites like BookFinder, Chegg, and Textbook Rush. You create videos, put them on YouTube, set them up with Google AdSense (much as you would with a blog), then earn income as people view your video, and click on the ads displayed. For example, you can teach English online for a good hourly fee, either one on one or to a small group.

Lyft is an alternative to Uber – but ride rates tend to be a little higher.


All you need to make money from your dorm room is your time and a computer, which you have already! Check to see if you need any special permits to do this, as many areas require it. Food delivery is another job that’s gained popularity with the appearance of apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates, and grocery delivery with Instacart and Amazon. Cash-back sites — especially when they offer a sign-up bonus — are among the easiest ways to make money online. Check out LifeHacker’s tips for avoiding getting screwed with Airbnb. You can get creative and serve the type of breakfast traditional for the area that you’re in. There’s a reason it’s an expression – most people don’t like doing windows. Buying groceries, snacks, and beverages with the ibotta mobile app lets you get cash back on many items that college students want without having to go to the cafeteria.

This is a fantastic business for college students living in sunny areas where the grass grows quickly.

This is a little bit ironically made, because you never actually drop off anything, you are not the one doing the shipping. One fast-growing investment trend is micro-investing. This can mean discounts for you or simple cash back deals. Attend career fairs.

40 Creative Ways to Make Money Fast

Shoveling snow is often a homeowner’s least favorite job, and there are many homeowners who simply cannot handle their own shoveling because of physical limitations. You don’t have to be an English major, either (though this job does tend to attract lots of English majors). In the era of e-readers, there are more opportunities than ever to publish short stories, novels, and everything in between. Based on that, they should be able to make $100-$300 (mostly reselling on eBay) and then take some of the profit and do it again. People usually do this to raise funds for an organization, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it for the You Foundation. Then, if you want the video recordings, there’s a reasonable charge.

It doesn't matter whether you are enrolled at a community college or a fancy ivy league school, finding ways to make ends meet while you are trying to stay on top of your studies is a challenge. Your pay comes from the advertisements on your videos, so you get paid more if you have high viewership. Of course, Facebook and apps like Next Door have made the local marketplace for selling stuff even more local. See what perfectly good stuff your peers have chucked out and sell it on e-Bay or Craig’s List or your school’s local FB page. These people are hired by marketing companies and do these jobs on the weekend.

Turo is a service that allows you to rent your car to others, and get paid for it. There are many ways to make extra money by investing in the real estate market, but it’s not something you should do without the advice of a real estate attorney or another professional. When the visitors click on the link, they will be taken to the merchant website to buy the product. There are always opportunities to find a job on campus in work study positions.

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